We aspire to get quality in the Public Service to the utmost levels of excellence. Quality is therefore essential for all departments and entities.

Departments and entities investing in quality are sequentially rewarded with the Quality Label. The Award must become the ambition and aim of every department and entity.

Quality is an ongoing process. A department or an entity can either be selected centrally for the process or by submitting an own application.

The Quality Label is the ultimate step of a selection process but once awarded, it is also the start of a process of frequent updates aimed at maintaining the level reached.

The Quality Label is a commitment for the provision of an excellent service to clients. The Quality Label, together with the Quality Service Charter shall be displayed wherever access to clients is permitted.

As of 2023, the Quality Award started also being awarded to a entity or department which has already been awarded the Quality Label in previous years, and has maintained a consistently high quality service and commitment which is reflected in positive results in the Mystery Shopper and other monitoring methods for consecutive years. In 2023, the Quality Award was presented to Business 1st.

Quality in the Public Service

Quality in the Public Service is not a vague term subjected to personal interpretations. This results, as in recent years, the Public Service defined the meaning of quality: Quality based on four pilasters upon which the Public Service is established.

Voice: We listen to the customer’s voice and are open to their criticism regarding the service we offer and to their ideas as to how we can improve our service for them. We consider the ideas received from our customers and strengthen the scheme of ideas forwarded by our employees.

Design: We develop policies and processes which reach the levels expected by our customers.

Delivery: We deliver a service which is timely, of a high standard, easily accessible and which can reach the customer with ease.

Accountability: This is intrinsic to a service which guarantees honesty towards the customer. Accountability also means loyalty towards the customer making use of our services, which translates into and is manifested in these same basic principles we want to uphold.

The Quality Label Manual can be found here.