The Quality Award is a distinction awarded to departments and entities within the Public Administration, whose service delivery to customers reaches those standards of service defined through the 4 Pillars (voice and understanding the customer, design and implementation of policies and services that meet customer expectation, delivery of a quality service and accountability, where people become part of the excellence of the service provided), the 10 Quality Service Determinants as defined by the SERVQUAL quality tool (Reliability, Responsiveness, Competence, Access, Courtesy, Communication, Credibility, Security, Understanding the Customer and Tangibles), Directive 4-1 and any other directives or policies which establish quality standards within the Public Administration.


While People & Standards Division may identify, through the Quality Forum, a department or entity as prospective candidates for the Quality Award, any department or entity may opt to apply for the Award by sending an e-mail to Once such application is accepted, the process that leads to the achievement of standards leading to the granting of the Award, takes off. A revision of the services and processes of the candidate department or entity ensues. The service delivery to customers by the candidate department or entity is then evaluated by Quality & Standards Directorate by means of the following assessment tools: Attitude Surveys, Departmental Service Quality Assessments and/or Mystery Shopping Exercises.

The current holders of the Quality Award are 


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The Quality Award Manual is available in [Eng] and [Mlt]