The Skills Profiling Exercise originates from the Flexicurity Pathway, one of the main pillars of Malta’s National Reform Programme. The Flexicurity Pathway stipulates that a skills audit of the national working population is to be carried out. To this end, Government, as an employer, has conducted a skills audit of its workforce.

From a management perspective, Skills Profiling assists in identifying Skills Gaps (the Skills possessed by employees compared to the skills needed by the organisation to carry out its mandate) and to identify measures to bridge identified gaps (through training, redeployments, etc).

From the employees’ perspective, they will benefit from better opportunities for their own self development and higher satisfaction and motivation at their place of work

An individual's Skills Profile is a summary of his/her work experience, skills and abilities. The Skills Profile includes the Present Employment Details, Formal Qualifications, Employment History and Part-Time Employment, Language Skills, Organisational & Social Skills, Computer & IT-related Skills, Technical and Artisitic Skills, Work Preferences and Job Mobility. On the first day of employment in the Public Service, new recruits are requested to compile their Skills Profile, so that the relevant database is maintained up-to-date.

The skills profile questionnaire can be downloaded from here.

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