Ten Determinants of Service Quality

RELIABILITY: Information provided by us can be relied upon and is guaranteed to be accurate at the time it was given.  You have the right to request that any information given by us be confirmed in writing.


RESPONSIVENESS: We aim to respect the Once-Only Principle by providing a service which is accurate and timely, whilst providing objective and knowledgeable advice on matters within our competence.  We shall ensure that the customer is supported throughout to receive the service required.


COMPETENCE: Our staff has the necessary skills to deliver services knowledgeably, courteously, and impartially.


ACCESS: Our services are easily accessible through convenient opening hours, effective telephone service, and personalised and expedient online services. Our public offices are physically accessible to persons with disabilities.


COURTESY: We ensure that our services are offered in a respectful and polite manner, with full consideration for the customer's property.


COMMUNICATION: We aim to keep you informed in a language which is free from technical terminology, by listening to them, and explaining the service itself including any fees, if and where applicable.


CREDIBILITY: We ensure that our decisions are based on procedures and pre-defined criteria which shall be clearly explained to you.  Our staff are bound to act in an ethical manner.


SECURITY: Care is taken to ensure that our public offices are in line with standard physical safety requirements.  They are set up with your privacy in mind and any personal information provided will only be used for the purpose that it was collected for, and processed in line with the relevant legislation.


UNDERSTANDING/KNOWING THE CUSTOMER:  Our processes are designed to understand and support your needs and create the minimum inconvenience possible to you, without discriminating on grounds of gender, status, age, ability, nationality, religious or political beliefs.


TANGIBLES: Our offices offer a clean and safe environment where our services can be sought conveniently and safely.