Mailbox Access Rights during Certain Absences

Employees who utilize any of the following special leave/work-life balance measures or who are suspended for precautionary reasons in terms of the PSC Disciplinary Regulations, will still be able to maintain their respective domain and email accounts in order to be able to receive e-mails during the period in question however, they will not be able to send e-mails. When trying to send an email the employee shall receive an email with a standard Non-Delivery Report to inform that email cannot be sent. 

It is of utmost importance that when employees intend to resume duties following such leave/measures, they inform the respective HR department at least one month in advance so that the necessary arrangements are made for their mailbox to switch from receive-only mode to receive-and-send mode. 

For any query employees are encouraged to contact their respective HR department 

List of applicable special leaves/work life balance measures are shown below:


ALTAlternative Employment
ASAAccompany Spouse/Partner Abroad
CBKCareer Break
DWAPDevelopment Work Abroad
EUMEPPAEU Personal Assistant to MEP
EUTNEU Employment - Not on grounds of Pub. Policy
International Organisation Post
ITDTemporary Suspension - Interdiction
LSASettle in a Foreign Country​
MCORRMalta's COR Reps
MISMissionary/Voluntary Service
Political Activities Leave (Over 1 month)​
PLTPPRelease with Political Parties
PRParental Leave
SULPrecautionary Suspension - Half Pay
TUATrade Union Activities - Release with Trade Union - Paid
TUAUTrade Union Activities - Release with Trade Union - UnPaid
VOCVocational Leave
VOSPWork with Voluntary Organisations - Paid
VOSUWork with Voluntary Organisations - UnPaid​

For further information on the conditions of each measure listed above, refer to the Manual on Special Leaves or the Manual on Work-Life Balance Measures by clicking here​ and look up the applicable leave/measure.​ ​

For further information on the conditions of precautionary suspension, refer to the Manual on Disciplinary Procedures by clicking here​