Formal Referrals

Managers and Heads of Department are highly encouraged to refer employees for support through a formal referral in specific circumstances. These may include issues such as a serious decline in performance, behavioural problems and suspicion of alcohol and/or substance misuse. Employees may also be formally referred when returning to work following long-term sick leave. 

Identification of early warning signs such as serious decline in performance, lower quality of work, increased absenteeism, over-reacting, withdrawal and isolation from colleagues, and drastic changes in mood, physical appearance and behaviour, may be indications that the employee may require professional intervention.   

​The employee will be required to sign the formal referral form, which can be downloaded from here​ and sent to the ESP Unit. The Unit will only confirm the employee’s attendance and compliance to the service. No additional information is provided without the employee’s written consent. 

For more information and guidance on how to initiate a formal referral, please contact the ESP Unit.