Recruitment of Staff in the European Union

​The People & Standards Division, within the Office of the Prime Minister as the central government agency responsible for human resources management, is the contact point on matters of recruitment with the European Union.

Calls for open competitions for vacancies with all the institutions of the European Union, which are also intended for all Maltese nationals, are issued by EPSO, the European P​ersonnel Selection Office.

Information on staff recruitment and on open competitions for vacancies with the Institutions and Agencies of the European Union including the European Parliament, the Council, the European Commission, the Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors, the Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions and the European Ombudsman may be seen on the website​ of the European Personnel Selection Office, EPSO​.

Candidates applying for open competition generally need to follow a two stage process. The first stage is to apply online. The second is to submit a full application file comprising a signed copy of the application form and all the required supporting documents. Unless the competition notice states that the file must be submitted at the same time as the online application, candidates invited to the assessment centre will be expressly asked to bring their full application file with them on the day of the tests. EPSO will disregard and will not return any files submitted that were not explicitly requested. For further information, please consult the guide to open competitions​.

As from 2010, EPSO is introducing a new procedure for selecting permanent staff for EU Institutions. The main changes of this new procedure include much quicker competitions with fewer steps in the procedure and an annual cycle of competitions for the most common job profiles. For more information on the Selection procedures, please click here​.

People & Standards Division co-ordinates and advertises calls for open competitions to fill vacancies with the institutions of the European Union and provides advice on recruitment with the European Union to the general public.

For a full list of vacancies with European Union Institutions and Agencies, please visit the Department of Information Website. For information on the status of the current selection processes, and calls that are envisaged to be issued in the near future, please consult EPSO’s Indicative Planning Table​.

The European Commission and other EU Institutions offer a fast moving and challenging environment in which to work. To this end, the Public Administration HR Office at the Office of the Prime Minister would like to ensure that as many Maltese nationals as possible are aware of the opportunities, which exist for them in Brussels, Luxembourg and other Member States.

If you require any assistance contact the:

People Resourcing & Compliance Directorate
People & Standards Division
Office of the Prime Minister

Tel: 22001310​​