​​​​​​​One of the main priorities in the Public Administration is the employees' wellbeing which is safeguarded through the provision of various means of support with the aim to assist its employees. An important measure provided by the Public Administration is the possibility for employees to voluntarily donate part of their vacation leave or time-off-in-lieu to the Central Fund. These hours are subsequently used in humanitarian cases by other employees in the Public Administration who might be passing through difficult moments in their lives due to health problems or other serious health issues which impede them from attending to their duties.


Most of the time the employees' own leave is not sufficient to cater for the prolonged period they would need to be absent from their place of work. As a result, employees utilizing this measure wouldn't need to resort to unpaid leave which ultimately leads to added financial burden.


Throughout the years, the hours in the leave bank increased continuously since the measure has been in force. Consequently, the Public Administration has been in an advantageous position of assisting its employees by benefitting from these hours and giving them the possibility to increase their focus on the situation in hand.

The People Relations Directorate is responsible for the management of the central fund and for the co-ordination and monitoring of the distribution of the donated vacation leave across the Public Administration.​


Employees who wish to seek further information on the eligibility criteria and how to assist or benefit from this Policy may do so by contacting the Directorate responsible for People Management within their respective Ministry. Further information may also be obtained by contacting the One-Stop-Shop for Public Officers by calling 22001225 or sending an email on [email protected]. The complete Policy may be found in Section 1.9 of the Manual on Work-Life Balance Measures which may be accessed from here.​