The Career Guidance Unit collaborates with the Institute for the Public Services (IPS) and Industrial Relations Unit (IRU), within the People and Standard Division, to provide a tailored service focusing on employee needs and career aspirations. This service is provided by focusing on employees' past achievements, current proven skills and future goals. The service provided includes career planning, skills assessment, skill gaps, skills matching, training needs analysis and career progression.


Additionally, the Career Guidance Unit assists public officers with setting achievable goals in line with respective collective agreements and plans of study with MCAST, Jobsplus or the University of Malta. Individual employee strengths and ambitions are always kept at the forefront of any advice or guidance provided. By empowering public officers with the necessary tools and guidance, the Career Guidance Unit plays a vital role in fostering a motivated and skilled workforce within the Malta Public Service.


For further information or to get in touch with the Career Guidance unit, please email: [email protected]