​At the People & Standards Division, we value people towards achieving a Service of Excellence which the general public deserves. 

We believe in a Public Administration that constantly improves upon its quality service which is aligned to four pillars namely: listening and understanding the customer; design and implementation of policies that meet the customer expectations; delivery of a quality service through timely, high standard and easily accessible services; and accountability whereby the people providing the public services assume full and responsible ownership of the Service of Excellence that we strive for.

This is possible through the professional competence of the people who comprise our Division: the People Resourcing and Compliance Directorate, the People Support and Wellbeing Directorate, the Research and Personnel Systems Directorate, the Industrial Relations Unit and the Quality of Service Directorate​. These offices manage the tactical and operational aspects of recruitment, HR business planning and strategic management, research, conditions of service​ and well being within Public Administration. 

The staff at the Office of the Permanent Secretary work as a team to fulfil the strategy for People and Standards as prioritised by the Permanent Secretary. The Standards and Integrity Unit regularly monitor the standards of quality of public services in order to ensure compliance with Public Administration Directives. A coherent approach towards the standards of conduct and performance is also underpinned through regular inter-action with line Ministries in matters of ethics, discipline and integrity.

At People and Standards Division we lead by example and strive to constantly improve on our commitment to valuing people towards achieving high standards of quality public services.