1. Self-care for Health Professionals

The aim of this interactive workshop is for healthcare workers to reflect on the importance of taking care of themselves especially in the light of their work duties and to become aware of the possibility of compassion fatigue and how to manage it.

Training Content:

  • Understanding the importance of self-care
  • Becoming aware of compassion fatigue and ways on how to cope with it
  • Creating a supportive work environment


Duration: 2 hours

Mode: In person

Suitability: Medical and Health Care professionals 


2. Burnout and Self-care workshop for healthcare professionals

The aim of this training session is to help medical and healthcare workers understand the impact of burnout personally and professionally and to explore ways of preventing and managing symptoms of burnout for better self-care and wellbeing.

Training Content:

  • Defining and understanding Burnout
  • Compassion fatigue and Secondary Trauma
  • Factors that Affect Burnout
  • Ways to prevent burnout

Duration: 4 hours

Mode: In person

Suitability: Medical and Health Care professionals


3. Participation in New Recruits Programme within the Disciplined Forces

This session forms part of a wider induction programme for new recruits within the Disciplined Forces. It aims to raise awareness from the very beginning of their career about the importance of self-care and resilience, support services available and when it is advisable that they seek professional support.


Duration: 1 hours

Mode: In Person

Suitability: New recruits within the Disciplined Forces


4. Wellbeing for Disciplined Forces

The aim of this training is to equip Senior Officers with the knowledge and skills of how to address wellbeing within their context of work. This session aims to further raise awareness within this cohort about the importance of self-care and their responsibility of taking care of the emotional and mental health of their teams.

Training Content:

  • Self-care and Resilience
  • Practical Skills to manage stressful events
  • The impact of trauma exposure
  • Overview of mental health issues


Duration 4 hours

Mode: In person

Suitability: Senior Officers in Disciplined Forces and officers with people management responsibilities


5. Peer Support for Disciplined Forces


This specialised training is aimed at building a culture of peer support within Disciplined Forces. Participants of this training will be provided with in-depth training on the role and importance of peer support. The sessions will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to support participants in reaching out and supporting their peers in times of need.  


Training Content:

Session 1: Peer Support and Interpersonal Skills/Basic Helping Skills

Session 2: Mental Health Awareness

Session 3: Bereavement, Secondary Trauma and other specific issues


Duration:  3 hours each session

Mode: In person

Suitability: As identified by the Disciplined Forces


6. Participation in the In-Service Training for the Malta Police Force

As part of the wider In-Service Training Programme within the Malta Police Force, this session addresses subjects of particular interest in relation to Police wellbeing and work. Areas addressed in this session include self-care, breaking bad news, suicide awareness, the emotional impact of trauma and when and how to seek support services available through the ESP Unit.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Mode: In person

Suitability: As and when requested by the Malta Police Force​