​When an​ employee is returning to work following long-term sickness absence, the ESP Unit can provide support to ensure a smooth transition back to work. Support is provided to both the employee and the department, as required, and may include work visits as necessary. 

Employees or Heads of Departments wishing to make use of this service are requested to contact​ the Unit for more information. 

Management can also be supported through the Medical Board. The Medical Board, which falls under the remit of the P&SD, aims to encourage public employees to remain in employment and its primary role is to provide professional guidance and support to employees in terms of occupational health.  The Medical Board is composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals which provide recommendations on issues related to the impact of the employee’s health issues on performance at work.  Following a professional review of the case, the Medical Board will then make any necessary recommendations with a view to support the employee whilst at the same time assist management as necessary.

For more information you can access the Medical Board manual by clicking here​. ​​