​The Employee Support Programme provides a wide range of free and confidential support services to public employees designed to assist them in managing their work and life difficulties, which, if left unattended, could adversely affect their work performance and quality of life. 

‘’The Public Service recognises that its employees are a valuable resource and it aims to provide the required support with the objective of strengthening their effectiveness and efficiency at their place of work and supporting their wellbeing. Throughout these years, the service was always at the forefront to raise awareness on the wellbeing of public employees through regular awareness raising initiatives across the Public Service.
Employee wellbeing is a complex topic which requires the input of various stakeholders. Through the provision of employee support services by the ESP Unit, the Public Service acknowledges and supports the need to continue investing in employee wellbeing and to continue building a supportive work culture across the Public Service.

What started off as a pilot project through EU funds, the ESP today is an integral element that provides professional support services in times of need. Though service delivery developed over time, the goals and aims of the Unit remained the same; that of providing assistance to public employees experiencing difficulties in their wellbeing to be able to continue performing their duties, with the ultimate aim of providing a service of excellence. The ongoing investment in ESP services is a reflection of how much the Public Service values people as a unique and valuable resource.

The achievements of the service are a result of the priceless contribution of various stakeholders who contributed throughout these years. We would like to take this opportunity to show our sincere gratitude to all those employees who entrusted us with their personal stories as they inspired us to continue to develop our services. We also would like to thank all Heads of departments who sought guidance from the ESP to be better equipped to support their employees in a more holistic way. ‘’