​​To make an appointment with the Unit employees can either call or send an e-mail requesting an appointment. Upon contacting the Unit, the employee is given an appointment within the support service to understand better their needs. Should additional support be required, the employee is referred to the counselling service for the necessary support. All services and interventions are provided through a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including social workers, psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists. The service is offered at no​ cost to the employee.​


Appointments at the ESP Unit may be made either during working hours or after working hours, according to the employee's preference. Should employees wish to attend during their working hours, they need to seek prior approval of their supervisor. The Unit will provide written confirmation for employees accessing the Unit during their working hours. 


​The ESP provides support to employees experiencing difficulties such as:


  • Stress and other mental health difficulties
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Marital and relationship issues
  • Domestic violence
  • Addictions
  • Parenting and family concerns
  • Work related difficulties impacting well-being
  • Critical incidents


​If you are experiencing such difficulties mentioned above or other situations which may be impacting your well-being, you can request an appointment here

It is important to note that due to COVID 19, appointments are also being offered online, using Microsoft Teams or Zoom.