​​​​​​The Traineeship Scheme is targeted at students who are reading for a qualification at EQF level 6 & 7 within the Mata College for Arts Science and Technology (MCAST), the University of Malta (UoM) or any other tertiary education institution in Malta. This scheme is intended to assist students to obtain 21st-century skills, focusing on the knowledge, skills and competencies required in the industry. 

The Traineeship Scheme has as one of its objectives, the promotion and enhancement of labour market opportunities for students. The Traineeship Scheme provides on-the-job training for students within the respective area of study, whilst at the same time attracts students to embark on a career within the Malta Public Service. The duration of the Trainee Scheme is determined by the content of the students’ theoretical programme. In this manner, students are in a better position to manage their studies whilst at the same time work as Trainees within their respective area of studies. 

The Traineeship Scheme opportunities are issued twice a year during the Careers Expo and Freshers’ Week at UoM and MCAST. During these events, students have the opportunity to visit the Public Service stand, discuss areas of interests and also register for various opportunities one of which is the Traineeship Scheme. Furthermore, students can also apply online through their respective Educational Institutions.
Vacancies are also regularly issued through the Educational Institutions official vacancies website.