The Institute for the Public Services (IPS) has just issued its prospectus for the academic year 2018–2019. 

The prospectus, which may be accessed on Prospectus offers a wide range of courses that closely reflect Public Service needs as well as the training needs of public officers who are carving a career for themselves within the public administration. These courses have been designed with the administration’s strategic direction in mind, and have been identified through an established mechanism by which the training needs analysis was carried out. A number of new courses can therefore be seen in this year’s prospectus. 

The prospectus also includes academic programmes of study, which are customised to the needs of the Public Administration, offered by the Institute for the Public Services through the University of Malta and MCAST. The University of Malta and MCAST are strategic partners of IPS and these courses are the result of this ongoing collaboration. Each year the Institute advertises sponsorships by means of circulars to enable public officers to enrol in these programmes. 

Once again, the Institute is also offering courses for employees in technical and industrial grades. Details of such courses are to be found both in the prospectus and in a specially prepared leaflet. The leaflet is available on this website besides being distributed to its target audience in printed form, through the Directors, Corporate Services of the respective ministries. 

The Institute is basing its activities and operations on an academic year. Applications, therefore, are currently open and will be received until 1st October 2018 for courses which will be held throughout 2018 – 2019. Application forms are available on this website. 

Public officers who would like further information may send an email to or phone on 2200 1875.