One of the biggest challenges in a student’s journey is the transformational change from a theoretical perspective to that of a practical employee in today’s workplace. This bond between theory and practice – and its relevance - should be laid down for all students to appreciate in the very early stages in today’s developing economy.

The Institute for the Public Services (IPS) confronted this challenge by presenting an attractive opportunity for the student’s journey. In collaboration with the Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) and the University of Malta (UoM), IPS offers the ‘IPS Student Scheme’. 

IPS Students have the opportunity of consolidating the theoretical and work placement perspective. It is a package in which the students who form part of a scheme have a generous paid work-placement, in addition to the stipend, and mentoring whilst a full-time IPS Student.  Moreover, upon successful completion of the course, students become full-time employees of the Public Service.

 IPS Students have the opportunity to: 

1. Benefit from work-placement within the Malta Public Service throughout the duration of the whole course, which is directly related to the course in question;
2. Receive a suitable remuneration package, apart from the stipend.

To date IPS has issued the following IPS Student Schemes:
a) BA (Honours) Procurement and Finance 
b) BA (Honours) Public Policy and Management 
c) Advanced Diploma in IT (Computer Systems and Networks) 
d) Advanced Diploma in IT (Software Development) 
Diploma in Computing (Computing Engineering);
Diploma in Computing (Computer Science);
Diploma in IT (Artificial Intelligence);
Diploma in IT (Computing and Business); or
Diploma in IT (Software Development).
The IPS Student Scheme offers benefits for both the students and Malta Public Service.  Once the new recruits are employed, the Malta Public Service and their employers will save a lot of time and resources in the onboarding process of new Public Officers. This win-win strategy is the key for success. Based on an exercise carried out by IPS to identify vacancies across the Malta Public Service.

Applications are currently closed.  When open, applications are available on the official recruitment portal of the Malta Public Service on:  One can also apply even if a person does not temporarily have all the qualifications in hand.

For more information you are kindly requested to contact the IPS on: 2200 1884 or​

The Malta Public Service is waiting for you!