The ICT Summer Traineeship Scheme is a mutually beneficial opportunity for students who are studying in the areas of ICT, and employers coming from the public administration as well as NGOs.  

This scheme is intended to assist students to obtain the 21st-century skills, focusing on the knowledge, skills and competencies required in the industry. This summer placement will allow students to bridge the gap between theory and practice, giving students a head-start once they start their full-time employment.

Who can Apply?

Students eligible to participate include all students studying ICT or related subjects.  The minimum entry level is for students who have completed 2nd year 6th Form (and awaiting examination results), as well as those students who have finished their 2nd year MQF Level 4 Diploma.

Why should you apply?

Apart from the evident financial remuneration, a job in the industry is beneficial both on a personal and a professional level.  Skills acquired during these summer placements give students a head-start when the time comes to move to a permanent job.  A good working environment helps students build confidence and learn through experience. A summer placement can open doors to a network of professional people, mentors and good references, plus it looks good on your C.V.

How to apply? 

Applications for the ICT Summer Traineeship Scheme are now closed​. 

When will the placements take place? 

The student placements run for 11 weeks during the summer period starting in July for a total of 330 hours.  

Next Step

Students can continue their work experience in the winter months by applying through: