The Apprenticeship Scheme combines theoretical learning and industry-based training, preparing the student to develop the right technical competencies through real work experience. It provides the opportunity for students to bridge theory with practice by mixing on-the-job training with classroom learning. The Apprenticeship Scheme allows for vital, authentic, industry-based training within an authentic workplace environment. This scheme allows the student to engage with the respective employers within the Malta Public Service and achieve the right skills and expertise required in today’s developing economy. 

Students who join the Apprenticeship Scheme are employed on a definite contract throughout their course within the Malta Public Service. The employment opportunity provided is one that is of essence and relates to the respective course. A supervisor and a mentor are allocated to each student to mentor and monitor the daily work being carried out. Students are required to work a number of allocated hours established by MCAST during the scholastic year and the Summer Recess. This working schedule aligns with MCAST regulations and the Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship Act.

Vacancies are regularly issued on the MCAST vacancies portal typically during February and July of each scholastic year.