The Institute for the Public Services is the central training organisation of the Public Service, providing training to Public Service employees (or, as they are also known, public officers) at all levels from clerical staff to top management. The Institute is a legal entity set up under the Education Act in partnership with the University of Malta and the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST). This not only facilitates the accreditation of the training programmes offered but also ensures that the tertiary-level training needs of public officers are adequately catered for.

The Institute owes its origins to 1989, when the Public Service Reform Commission issued a far-reaching report which recommended, among many other things, that the Public Service should have its own central training department. The Staff Development Organisation was duly established within the Office of the Prime Minister the following year. In 2010 this organisation was transformed into the Centre for Development, Research and Training, which in turn became the Institute in 2016.      ​​​​​