Who we are

Set up in 2014, the Implementation Unit, which forms part of the Implementation Division within the Office of the Prime Minister, is primarily entrusted with overseeing the implementation of the measures and initiatives set out by Government in the annual Budget. Over the years, the unit has also been tasked with the overseeing of other measures and initiatives undertaken by the Public Administration, including those aimed at the simplification and reduction of bureaucracy, those related to sustainable development, key performance indicators, quality awards and other additional measures proposed by line Ministries to improve the service they offer both to their internal and external customers. Moreover, the Implementation Unit has also been tasked with overseeing the implementation of the Public Service Strategy 2022-2026.

The Implementation Unit has, since its inception, overseen the successful implementation of more than 2,500 measures and initiatives, continuing to monitor the implementation of measures initiated in previous years, which, due to their very nature, could not be implemented over one calendar year.

What we do

Overseeing the implementation of measures and initiatives is a complex exercise. Of particular importance is the work related to Budget Measures.

The cycle commences with the identification of the different measures announced in the annual Budget Speech and thereafter assigning the measures to pertinent Ministries. Through an appointed project leader, an action plan for each Budget Measure is prepared, which is then vetted by the Implementation Unit. Once approved, the action plan will be used for evaluation purposes.

The process followed for other types of measures usually starts with line ministries taking the initiative to identify any issues to be addressed and submitting a proposed action plan to the unit for vetting.

For all types of measures, Project Leaders submit an implementation report on a monthly basis, highlighting what has been achieved. Approved action plans are the yardstick against which implementation is evaluated and monitored, adopting a traffic lights system. The Unit follows through the implementation process until the measures are implemented.

Besides these functions, the Implementation Unit contributes to two major publications taken care of by the Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary – Twettiq tal-Budget, related to the implementation of the budget , as well as Ħidma mis-Servizz Pubbliku fl-Aħħar Tnax-il Xahar, related to the implementation of the other types of measures. Furthermore, considering that the performance of Ministries is continuously being monitored, the Unit provides the necessary statistics related to the rating and ranking of Ministries, which data is the basis for the awards given to the top performers during the annual Public Service Week.