The Compliance Unit

The Compliance Unit within the Governance Action Directorate was set up recently, consisting of two newly recruited Compliance Officers. These officers have been tasked with the responsibility to follow up on audits which had been identified by the NAO in their annual publication Report by the Auditor General – Public Accounts (20XX) and also reported upon in GA's annual publication Governance Action on the NAO's Report on Public Accounts (20XX) and other NAO Reports (20XX).

The Compliance Unit is required to verify that the committed action proposed by the ministry to address NAO's recommendations are being effectively executed and implemented. This is done by carrying out a desk-based investigation, followed by a physical meeting, requesting documentation, evidence and one-to-one meetings, which ultimately lead to a final report with findings and recommendations to be endorsed by Permanent Secretary (Coordination and Implementation) and sent to the respective Permanent Secretary.

The unit is also committed to follow up on Ombudsman cases where irregularities in the operations of the public administration were evident.​