The Animal Welfare Directorate is continuously committed to provide an efficient and effective service to the general public. Through all its services, the Directorate ensures that all Maltese and Gozitans find readily-available and easily-acccessible necessary information and assistance related to animal welfare.

Similar to much of the world, we are going through very difficult times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this situation does not deter the Animal Welfare Directorate from doing its utmost to help those persons who are being affected directly by the difficult situation brought about by Covid-19.

Fully aware of the extraordinary circumstances we are experiencing, the Directorate has launched an initiative through which it will support dog or cat owners living on their own. In the eventuality that these persons require medical attention in hospital, the Directorate is undertaking to take care of their pets, temporarily, until they are back in the homes.

For further information, one can contact the Animal Welfare officials by calling 1717.
It is to be emphasised that the assistance rendered by the 1717 helpline will continue offering the services of a One Stop Shop to the general public. This is a 24/7 service offered by the Animal Welfare Directorate people to obtain all the necessary information, or file any reports, related to animal welfare in our country.

The One Stop Shop has received over 2,800 calls and around 250 reports. Moreover, the ambulance service was required more than 2,800 times. Between January and June 2020, then, more than 600 cats and dogs were adopted.

The Animal Welfare Directorate strives to continue offering an effective and efficient service, and to provide information and necessary assistance to further protect the well-being of animals.