Accessibility to government services via mobile was improved further in the past weeks, following the soft launch of a number of government website which may now be found and accessed through maltapps.

These websites, which fall within the remit of different ministries, are now compatible with mobiles and tablets and have been included in maltapps, where one also finds the 21 mobile apps launched in 2017 to start implementing the plan for government services which are accessible anywhere 24 hours a day.

The websites which are now accessible via mobile and which have been added to maltapps are those related to the calculation of social benefits; the National Trademark Register; Edu Malta; Childcare; Edu Services; eCourts; funding of voluntary organisations; Intrastat related to Customs; Intranet for public officers; and the Public Service website.

The mobile apps for government services and the mobile-compatible websites are part of the Mobile Government Strategy. The strategy was launched in November 2016 as part of the ongoing renewal process for the Public Service, leading to reduced bureaucracy, increased efficiency, government services brought closer to the community, and a service of a higher quality delivered to clients of the Public Service.​