Twelve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Public Service were launched today. This is a new concept for the Public Service, providing clear targets to be reached within a specific timeframe. In fact the KPIs launched today are to be implemented within a 100-day period.

These KPIs, which follow the pilot project through which the time to set up a new business in Malta was reduced drastically, cover a wide span of sectors affecting citizens directly. 

In the energy sector, the KPI will ensure that when a new application for electricity is submitted, the service is given by not later than 23 days from submission – meaning the waiting time is reduced by more than half. Another KPI sets a specific timeframe for water service to be resumed in case of maintenance or damage. 

In the education sector, a KPI is tackling absenteeism in state schools while another one provides for personalised help to be given to 700 students with difficulties. 

There is also a KPI which sets a specific timeframe to be adhered to once a consumer lodges an official complaint. Another KPI will see the setting up of a one-stop-shop where business owners find all the services they need under one roof.

As regards long-term illness, patients who are assessed by a medical board will no longer have to present a certificate every week, meaning that certificates will be reduced by half. Moreover, the Pink Card will now be renewed automatically for non-contributory benefits – a measure affecting some 4,700 families.

In the justice sector, two KPIs were launched: the setting up of a Commercial Court and a new system whereby law amendments are accessibble online.

Through another KPI, the number of parks having a free wi-fi service will increase to seven. A free wi-fi service is also being introduced on some bus routes, in a KPI reaching some 200,000 commuters.
Farmers will also benefit from the new KPIs, receiving technical help and advice in order to become more competitive. Dr Joseph Muscat talking regards the progress made and to the culture change
In his address at the launch of the KPIs, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that this is not a point of arrival but another point of departure bearing witness to progress made and to the culture change within the Public Service in the past four years. He added that KPIs mean more transparency and a better way of assessing results. They are also a sign of great courage on the public administration’s part.

Mr Mario Cutajar saying that all the work done was done by heart 

The Principal Permanent Secretary, Mario Cutajar, said that whereas the last four years addressed the soul of the Public Service, now it’s time to address the heart – meaning the motor which gets the Public Service up and running. In this regard, the general rule will now be KPIs, through which the Public Service will reach clear objectives.

Mr Cutajar also mentioned that as of today, the Public Service has its own website ( in order to disseminate information and reach the public more effectively.