​​22.12.2021 The Public Service establishing itself as a leader in more areas ​ > ​​
​​14.12.2021 Proposals to strengthen governance and transparency ​ > ​​
​​07.12.2021 98% of cases closed by the Ombudsman, demonstrating that the Public Service acts correctly ​ > ​​
​​18.11.2021 ​82% less inspections in shops​ ​ > ​​
​​12.11.2021 Malta ranks first in eGovernment out of 36 European countries ​ > ​​
​​04.11.2021 Achieving a Service of Excellence: New Public Service Strategy launched​​ ​
​​29.10.2021 ​Press Release by the Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary​ ​
​​28.10.2021 ​90% of NAO recommendations implemented by the Public Service ​
​​21.10.2021 A step forward for the Public Service to have an electric vehicle fleet ​
​​07.10.2021 Remote working in the Public Service enters into force: 13 government departments start working remotely ​
​​04.10.2021 79% of Budget measures implemented ​
​​01.10.2021 Towards a Service of Excellence: Cabinet approves new Public Service strategy ​
​​09.09.2021 ‘72% of the population satisfied with the Public Service’ – Eurobarometer ​
​​07.09.2021 Malta is considered a case study for reforms in public services 
​​15.07.2021 First Remote Working Policy launched in the Public Service 
​​01.07.2021 ‘Insebbħu Pajjiżna’ campaign returns 
​​23.06.2021 23 June marks the UN Public Service Day 
​​21.06.2021 All publications issued by the Public Service presented to the National Library 
​​04.06.2021 60,000 people visited servizz.gov’s one-stop-shops in the first quarter of the year 
​​04.06.2021 Entities taking part in “Insebbħu Pajjiżna” commit themselves to keep the campaign going 
​​03.06.2021 A new policy on remote working in the coming weeks 
​​02.06.2021 Technology: At the core of the renewal and the strengthening of the Public Service 
​​02.06.2021 Assistance offered to those who need the vaccine certificate 
​​01.06.2021 There has never been better proof of the Public Service’s flexibility and efficiency –Prime Minister Robert Abela 
​​31.05.2021 Challenges and opportunities for people with disabilities discussed during Public Service Week 
​​31.05.2021 Quality must be sustained to ensure the best service and highest standards — the Principal Permanent Secretary 
​​29.05.2021 Hundreds of children express their wish to make a difference through a career in the Public Service 
​​28.05.2021 Public Service Week 2021 kickstarts today 
​​25.03.2021 Launch of Servizzi Ewropej f’Malta 
​​12.03.2021 Press Release by the Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary 
​​05.03.2021 Statement by the Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary 
​​03.03.2021 Press Release by the Principal Permanent Secretary Mr Mario Cutajar 
​​24.02.2021 ​Work has begun on converting the Public Service car fleet to electricity​​​ 
​​22.02.2021 ​Launch of a research journal by the Institute for Public Services​​​ 
​​05.02.2021 ​The Civil Protection continues to strengthen its operations​​​ 
​​13.01.2021 ​Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar inaugurates first remote workspaces in the Public Service​​​