Principal Permanent Secretary

Mr Tony Sultana

​​Mr Tony Sultana was appointed Principal Permanent Secretary on 1 June 2022, following a long career in the Public Service in which he pioneered the use of information technology. He was entrusted with designing the implementation of key Government solutions.

His career began in 1986 with the Government Computer Centre. Over the years, Mr Sultana has been instrumental in implementing tax reform and other holistic systems. He led the Euro-IT Taskforce, and was responsible for coordinating the euro changeover of IT systems. He was also assigned responsibility for the Utilities System, and participated in the implementation of Integrated Utilities Business Systems.

Having held several senior management posts within MITA, Mr Sultana was appointed Executive Chairman in April 2013. During his mandate, he focused on strengthening and modernising the Government’s digital ICT systems, with priority over security.

Mr Sultana has a technical background in industrial electronics and government information systems through specialised programmes he has carried out in Singapore and Japan. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Computing from the University of Malta and a Master of Science in Management from Anglia University in the UK.​