Cabinet Secretary

Mr Ryan Spagnol

Mr ​​​Ryan​ Spagnol joined the public administration in 2013 with the then Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee as an EU Policy and Legislation Executive. The following year, he joined Identity Malta whereby he was responsible of the implementation of the new organizational structure of the Expatriates Unit as well as several policies emanating from EU legislation and national policies. In 2015 he was entrusted with leading the process to change the residence documentation of foreign nationals residing in Malta.

After serving as the Agency’s policy officer between 2018 and 2019, Ryan Spagnol joined the Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement to coordinate policies and tasks related to migration and asylum. He was responsible for the over-all strategy of the Ministry with respect to migration, contingency planning and the revision of laws and policies applied in this area.

Spagnol holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Public Policy and a Master of Arts in Public Policy Leadership from the University of Malta.