Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Mr Joseph Caruana

​Mr Caruana started his career in the Public Service on 14th December 1977 at the Examinations Department, within the Ministry for Education. From then on, he progressed in the Public Service, wherein from 23rd December 1999 to March 2004 he was appointed Acting Director (Examinations). During his time at the Examinations Department, he actively participated in the design, implementation and review of the computerised systems in operation at the Examinations Department. Mr Caruana acted as a key player in the introduction and development of e-gov, the m-gov initiative and the receipt of results by sms. He played an active role in the formulation and publication of the Quality Service Charter of the Examinations Department which was introduced in October 1999.

Mr Caruana was appointed Information Management Officer within the Ministry for Competitiveness and Communications in 2004. During this time, Mr Caruana coordinated and managed the transfer of the TV licences payment systems to the Corporate Services of the MCMP.

From November 2004 up to June 2008, Mr Caruana was Director Corporate Services at the then Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs (MRRA). During his time at the MRRA, he integrated the functions of the Corporate Services and provided support to the Departments within agriculture.

In June 2008, Mr Caruana was appointed Head of the Paying Agency, wherein he ensured that the Paying Agency was accredited in line with Council Regulations 1290/2005 and 885/2006. During his tenure as Head Paying Agency, he ensured that the payment claims of EU agricultural direct subsidies and rural development investment grants were processed correctly and in a timely manner. He also set up a call centre and provided online information for the farming community.

Between October 2011 and May 2013, Mr Caruana served as Acting Director General (Fisheries) and Acting Director (Fisheries Control).During this time, Mr Caruana carried out an exercise to transpose EU Control Regulations into national legislation and procedures in order to ensure the effective management of the 25NM Fishing Management Zone.He also established an integrated management structure for the Fisheries Control Directorate and set up a 24x7 call centre for fishermen.

Mr Joseph Caruana served as Permanent Secretary at the Ministry for Education and Employment from 16th October 2013 up till 15th June 2017. During this time, the Ministry experienced various initiatives in the implementation of strategies in education, employability, youth and sports. Policy initiatives were also registered in research and innovation and in the setting up of Esplora.

On June 16th 2017, Mr Caruana was appointed Permanent Secretary (Merger and Administration) within the Ministry for Finance, being responsible for the administration of the Ministry and its line departments and the merger of the operations of revenue collection. ​In January 2020 this Ministry was redesignated as the Ministry for Finance and Financial Services. In June 2020, Mr Caruana was appointed as Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects.

Mr Joseph Caruana was educated at St Paul’s Missionary College, at MCAST and at the University of Malta. He is an Executive MBA graduate and holds a Diploma in Public Administration. He is a member of the Malta Institute of Management since 2001 and also a Fellow of the International Association of Book Keepers.

Mr Caruana is active in voluntary organisations and in sports. Between 1971 and 1992, he was a regular basketball player with the Rabat Depiro Club. He was also the founder member and President of the Rabat Depiro Basketball Club and of the Depiro Youth Centre in Rabat.

From 19th January 1998 to 31st March 2000, Mr Caruana was coopted as a Councillor in the Rabat Local Council.