Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Health and Active Ageing

Ms Christine Schembri

Ms Christine Schembri joined the Public Service in 1982 and has since held various posts and positions within different Ministries. She started off her career at the then Ministry for Interior and later at the Department of Education. In 1996, just a couple of months after the introduction of VAT in Malta, she joined a team of Inspectors at the Department for VAT within the Ministry for Finance. Ms Schembri worked her way up and, in 2007, she was appointed to the position of Assistant Director (Review & Investigation) within the same department. Amongst others, she was responsible for administering the ECO Contribution, for managing and directing the operations of the Central Liaison Office within the department and was also responsible for the administrative cooperation between Member States and the exchange of information. She also served as the national Eurofisc Liaison Officer.

On 2nd January 2014, Ms Schembri was appointed to the position of Executive Secretary at the Office of the Public Service Commission where she served for six years. During her tenure, Ms Schembri endeavoured to have the regulations governing appointments and discipline within the Public Service revised with a view to simplifying further both processes.

In June 2020, Ms Schembri was appointed Permanent Secretary within the Cabinet Office in charge of Coordination and Implementation and later, in February 2022, she was appointed Permanent Secretary at the Ministry for Senior Citizens and Active Ageing.  During this period, she also served as a member of the Revolving Door Policy Governance Board established by the Public Administration Act.

In January 2024, Ms Schembri was appointed as Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for Health and Active Ageing.​