On the 4th November 2021 a new 5-year Public Service strategy was launched, with the ultimate vision of achieving a service of excellence. Through a holistic approach, the strategy will be based on three key elements that are people, technology, and service. They will be embracing three guiding principles: quality, accountability, and sustainability.

At the conference ‘Achieving a Service of Excellence’ attended by the highest officials of the Public Service, Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar explained that this vision aims to bring about a seamless, accountable, sustainable and consistent public service to deliver a service of excellence.

He explained that the new strategy incorporates 45 initiatives, broken down by themes, which will serve as a work programme to realise the vision in the next five years. The strategy also explains how progress will be measured and monitored, as well as implementation structures, the common values of the Public Service and the guiding principles.

The conference was also addressed by Professor Frank Bezzina who analysed the strategy, and by Dominic Mintoff, Massimo Vella and Dr Joyce Cassar who delivered a presentation on the three pillars of technology, service, and people respectively.

This renewal process has now also been documented through a new publication complementing the strategy launched today. Both these publications are accessible electronically from this website.​​

Download the Strategy from here

From renewal to a service of excellenceA new strategy for the Public Service launchedThe people, the technology, the service: the three pillars of the new strategy
The guiding values of the new strategy Photos: ​‘Achieving a Service of Excellence’ conference Renewal of the Public Service 2013-2021​
A consistent Service of Quality
(Measures 1-5)
Embedding the concept of continuous improvement
(Measures 6-11)
Secure and fast communication
(Measures 12-18)
Increasing accountability, good governance & compliance
(Measures 19-23)
Increasing transparance & trust
(Measures 24-28)
Creating and preserving intellectual capital
(measures 29-35)
Eco-leader Public Service
(Measures 36-38)
An adaptable and efficient Public Service
(measures 39-44)
Reaffirming the Public Service's status as a Model Employer
(Measure 45)