The IDEA initiative was launched on 8th October, 2014. It enables Public Service employees to put forward their IDEAs through the website Recognition is given to IDEAs which are put into effect. The general public is also invited to submit ideas and suggestions, so that we may improve our services, by clicking here.

This initiative has no cut-off date and will be ​ongoing with a view to enabling Public Service employees to put forward their IDEAs whenever they want.

The first IDEAs were given recognition during an event entitled “Nirrikonoxxu x-Xogħol” which was held as part of Public Service Week 2015, and are still recognized annually.

The Public Service believes that public service employees can give valid and workable ideas. At the same time, the external customer is also experiencing the quality of service and also has a right and duty to make suggestions for improvements in service. Overall, the Public Service wants to create a proactive culture in Government Departments and Bodies where new ideas are not discarded, and where the working environment is in itself conducive to ideas leading to continuous improvement.