The Public Service believes that customer service should be provided 24x7 with the highest quality levels. The new Public Service strategy for the next five years aims ambitiously to move towards a service of excellence through three pillars — People, Technology and Service.

When we speak of people, we refer to both customers and public employees, and therefore we provide the best treatment and conditions to our workers.

That is why, over the years, we have recognised public officers who excel in the way they do their work in providing services to clients. While quality-related awards reward whole departments, the “Appreciation Awards — Quality Service” is based on a more individual level.

This award serves as an opportunity to recognise employees who not only work for society’s common good but who, through dedication and hard work in performing their duties, have demonstrated what it means to go the extra mile beyond one’s line of duty. The selected employees serve as an exemplary model for their colleagues, as well as for all public officers and employees.

This prize was first awarded during Public Service Week 2020 and will continue to be given every year.

The nomination process is open and details may be found here. ​