If there had been the need of an endorsement of the brilliance with which the Public Service has operated, this past year has been an icon of what it means to belong to and work within the Public Service. The reward goes beyond what the Public Administration, boasting of its image as a model employer, could ever offer. All workers, especially frontliners, as well as the administrative staff who supported all the services, proudly proved themselves worthy to be part of the Public Service of Malta and Gozo. And this was not the only time that the Public Service, albeit not perfect, demonstrated an aspiration to improve and exceed citizens’ expectations.

It is for this reason that for the third time round, as part of this year’s Public Service Week, a number of Quality Awards will be presented in recognition of high-quality services in the public sector to a number of government departments and public entities. As a special appreciation for those workers who excel in the way they carry out their work and provide services to their customers, this year the recognition will also be based on a more individual level. It will be an opportunity to recognise employees who not only have at heart the common good of society, but who, through their dedication and diligence in the execution of their duties, have shown what it means to go the extra mile beyond the call of duty. The employees who will be chosen will serve as role models for all their colleagues, public officers, and employees.

The nomination process is open and details can be accessed here. ​