Valletta Strategy Logo

A Strategy for Valletta has been launched by the Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary together with the Planning Authority. The aim of the strategy is to address the challenges facing the capital city, ensuring it continues to be a living city in the most coordinated and coherent way. This strategy is based on a long term plan as befits a UNESCO world heritage city, and takes into account the necessities of residents, businesses and all those who visit Valletta.

The strategy was published in December 2016. The need for it had long been felt and the Administration had received several proposals about Valletta and how the public would like to see it. A number of entities – among them the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation, Valletta 2018, the Ministry for Tourism and the Ministy for Justice, Culture and Local Government – gathered these proposals into a single action plan, following a preliminary consultation with persons representing several sectors.

The core of this strategy is that all the work to improve the capital city is now being done in a coordinated and collective manner, instead of each entity working separately from the other.
The strategy shall lead to social regeneration, encouraging people to take up residence in Valletta. Presently, the capital city is a hub for commercial activity but its popolutaion keeps dwindling and a large number of its properties are either rented or abandoned.

The strategy tackles different zones in the city, including those at the periphery, with the aim of addressing the needs of each zone in line with a single strategy. It also incorporates several proposals about different aspects such as property, the areas which need regeneration most urgently, transport and management.
You may read the strategy here.